Fiore Sardo

Il Fiore Sardo D.O.P is available in pieces of about 3.5 kilograms, with some variations in relation to the technical production conditions.

The rind has a yellow to dark brown color; the paste is white or straw yellow and the decide taste becomes piquancy with maturation.

Il Fiore Sardo D.O.P. is an excellent table cheese, if it is consumed young, and a very good grating product when ripened.

It has a characteristic and strong taste which becomes piquancy with ripening from 4 to 12 months.

The ripening happens in two phases: during the first four months the shapes are maintained in fresh basement places (between 12 to 16ºC), where they are periodically turned and oiled with olive oil. The second phase of ripening happens by the seat in Bari of the company Angiuli, where the shapes are prepared to be delivered.

Humidity 29,7%
Proteins 30%
Fat 30-34%
Calories 428 kcal/ 100 g = 1790 kj

Fiore Sardo is an Italian cheese from very ancient origins with Protected Designs Origin and produced in Sardinia.

It is a cheese done with crude sheep’s milk produced from December to May each year. The milk is added with lamb’s or kid’s rennet; the obtained paste is subject to pushed breakage.

The shapes, modelled with particular moulds and thanks to the mastery of operators, have the characteristic aspect of «a donkey’s back», are marked at origins and, after being salted, are slightly smoked and at the end ripened in fresh cellars in Central Sardinia.

It maintains the ancient and particular techniques of the artisan’s working. The name is due to the use, till some time ago, of chestnut wooden moulds on which bottom a flower was carved often together with the producer’s initials, that marked the shapes’ faces.

Cited in Stresa Convention in about the use of origin names and designs of cheese, it has been recognized as Typical Design in 1955 and of Origin in 1974, obtaining in this way the Protected Designs of Origin in 1996.

Produced in the respect of the European regulations and sanitary hygienic conditions also thanks to the use of mechanical milking machines, refrigerators and proper places. Thanks to the quality of pasture and attention for the kettle’s health Fiore Sardo D.O.P., being an ovine cheese produced with raw milk, maintains a fantasy of fragrances and aromas non present in other types of cheese produces with pasteurized milk. The milk is worked in average at a 6.6 pH and an average content in fat between 6.2 e 7.5 and proteins between 5.5 and 6.3.

The acid composition of milk lipids is becoming important and of an increasing interest by consumers relating to the nutritional and therapeutic properties relating to some long-chained fat acids. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has a prominent role, which is present in meat, cheese and its derivates.

The ruminates’ products are richer in CLA and represent the main natural source nutrition. The Fiore Sardo has a content of Omega 3 higher than in other types of cheese. The National Academy of Science in its publication has defined CLA as the sole fat that unmistakably inhibits the development of cancer in laboratory animals.

Really indicated for diet of sportspeople, it is a table cheese for fast snacks or grating on every types of pasta or soups. At the end, it is particularly indicated for the preparation of pesto sauce.

Nutritional Characteristics Values per 100 grams of Fiore Sardo
Humidity g 29,7
Proteins g 30
Total carbohydrates < g 1
Total fat g 35
Sodium mg 4,88
Calcium mg 0,89
Phosphor mg 0,62